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Your business is our business. We believe in making your dreams and goals a reality. We're prepared to help you at any level, from impartial advice or practical assistance to help you make the most of every opportunity. 

The Technical Stuff


We are business development agency that specialize in sales and marketing consultancy with main focus in business partner channel development as well as local business operations consultancy.  

Our Expertise


Whether your company is looking to introduce products in the US and Canadian market, developing a partner strategy, building a partner channel infrastructure, recruiting business partners or creating solutions to identify emerging partnership opportunities, or setting up operations; PROP BCS has a service to meet your business needs.

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 We work with companies to introduce their products and services through Partner Channels, whether they are Distributors, Resellers, Affiliates, Strategic Alliances or OEM partners, to name a few. For companies of various sizes or products, we are the premier outsourcing resource for partnership initiatives leading to sales and revenue growth.  

Why use PROP BCS?

 Are you Seeking to enter your products in the US and Canadian markets?

Are you seeking a cost effective way to build a partner channel?

Do you desire to expand in new geographies or market verticals?

Are you looking for full time business development personnel but want to have the skills at your disposal right away?

Are you looking for someone local to control local distribution as well as do business development and marketing?

Try Us!

  Regardless of the challenge you have, we have worked in this industry involving distribution and are aware of the challenges you face. Our goal is to ease this challenge by doing business development and drive the growth of your company through partnerships. We will demonstrate the passion and you will experience the same, as soon as we start working together. 


  For over 2 decades, we have developed business partner channels for software companies, as well as hardware companies. We use our experience to drive into the markets with strong distribution and sales strategies which are customized to the individual business to achieve our clients’ goals.


 Having channel experience in different markets, we have a track record of creating and managing Local and Regional Partnership Systems. We will work with you to create partnerships with Distributors and resellers in various market verticals.

Cost Effective

  We understand the high costs required by foreign companies to invest in local business development. Using PROP BCS can significantly reduce overhead costs and increase the value of your investment by providing business development expertise at a price that meets your budget.